The Ultra Fine Vitamin C Powder Out-of-Stock and Meanwhile What to Use

A quick note to share about one of two Vitamin C sources that I commonly recommend. Recently, the Ultra Fine Vitamin C Powder, Non GMO, Highest Grade of DSM's Quali-C. Pure Ascorbic Acid. 16 oz. Vegan “GMOFree Vitamins” company located in the United Kingdom were out of stock on this product. I have recommended this product in earlier Blog articles and have used it myself on a regular basis. It is one of the few Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid products NOT made in China. As I write on my Ballyhara Diet & Nutrition page 90% of all Vitamin C products are manufactured in China, and in my opinion, it is paramount that we source products NOT manufactured in China, especially edible foodstuffs.

During this outage, I used the Wholistic Pet Ester-C, as an excellent substitute which is a different form of Vitamin C being Ester-C. I recommend that you read my previous post on the pros and cons for choosing and all the particulars regarding other vitamin supplements we use. I did all the legwork for you so you might as well take advantage of it.

Read Reposting & Revised Vitamin Supplement Warnings: Look at the Ingredients!

Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease in the Irish Wolfhound

Most novice and current owners do not realize that advanced annual cardiac screenings, to include Electrocardiograms (ECG) AND Echocardiograms (Echos) are paramount in the care and maintenance of your Irish Wolfhound. Typically, these screenings are performed during the adult stages of growth (beginning at two years) and onward throughout their senior years…..

Amicar and Post-Operative Bleeding in Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhounds bleeding-out after surgery and untimely deaths. Amicar is a drug that is strongly recommended for ALL Gazehounds for use immediately following surgery!

ShowSight Presents The Irish Wolfhound

If you missed the ShowSight March 2018 "The Irish Wolfhound" Breed Issue then, fret not as I am including both the ShowSight Breed feature link, but also my specific article I wrote for the feature.

Autoimmune Diseases and Heartworm Preventatives

As of late, we have been learning of Irish Wolfhounds afflicted with autoimmune diseases. For those who are unfamiliar, do not feel left out as up until the past two decades autoimmune maladies were somewhat exotic. Not any longer. We now hear of alarming incidences of dogs with an autoimmune disease, particularly in Irish Wolfhounds throughout the country. What does this have to do with heartworm preventative?

Canine Nasosinal Tumors: In Memorium To Declan

Declan's Nasosinal Cancer.

Well, with Declan I first noticed that she was favoring eating her chicken wings on the left side of her mouth. I thought it somewhat odd but decided just to watch her for a day or so as I checked her lower jaw but did not notice anything. Then this favoring advanced to her eating her wings much more slowly which was definitely out of the ordinary as she was a voracious eater. Within two days, Declan began to go down fast developing a fever of 103.9. I made an emergency appointment with our soft tissue veterinarian surgeon and was fully prepared to have her anesthetized for a thorough mouth exploration.....

Split Tails

A common search phrase on my website is happy or wagging tail injury. A frequently seen injury in Irish Wolfhounds, we refer to it as split tails and the injury can be very problematic to care for until it heals completely. I have this information on my Health page website, however, here it is as a convenience for those who are reading my Blog.........

Facts About Caloric Density and Carbohydrates vs Protein Levels in Giant Breed Puppy Food

The topic of protein levels in giant breed puppy food is one that I have meant to discuss. First off, it is a myth that high protein levels cause damage to the long bones of a growing, giant breed puppy. Most people who feed commercially prepared dry dog food are misguided by this urban tale.....

Reposting & Revised Vitamin Supplement Warnings: Look at the Ingredients!

UPDATED & REVISED EDITION: Many Readers visit my Nutrition page of my Ballyhara website and review my Natural Rearing methods. The diet information I share is provided as a summary of my practices and this includes Vitamin supplements. Three particular vitamins that I discuss on my Nutrition page are Vitamins C, A & E and Readers should note that all Vitamins are NOT the same....

New Canine Nutritional Book To Read!

In addition to the books that I already recommend on my website, I had purchased Dr. Jean Dodds co-authored book with Diana Laverdure titled, "Canine Nutrigenomics, The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health." I am making my way through this book and would recommend this as another reference tool that "Natural Rearing" enthusiasts should have on their shelf.....

My Musings on the Irish Wolfhound's Country of Origin Breed Standard Changes

The new Autumn 2017 Harp & Hound magazine published several North American fancier opinions concerning the changes made to the Standard of Excellence set forth by the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland and the removal of the List of Points in Order of Merit. There were those in favor and others who were critical of the changes, especially the elimination of the List of Points in Order of Merit. A few advocated their positions by explaining that by giving the full particulars to various aspects of anatomy, these revisions would make it easier for novices and aspiring judges to interpret and understand the breed standard.

I disagree.....

The Natural Diet: A Happy Ending for a Very Sick Wolfhound Puppy


I thought I would share this heartwarming story about a wonderful young Wolfhound named Aoife who was very, very ill. Instead of my telling her story, I asked her owner to do so as she imparts the seriousness of the young Lassie's condition. Her owner contacted me for assistance as Aoife's state was grave, and I was happy to help. I am thrilled that Aoife's story has, to date, a good ending and though many times dogs respond in nearly miraculous ways to the Natural Diet, it is necessary to stress that sometimes genetics and autoimmune-mediated diseases can require many more solutions. One such issue that I hear more about is Leaky Gut Syndrome or Intestinal Permeability. Once little-known, it has become more frequent with severe complications and sadly, unhappy endings.

Aoife's Story

Update and Correction on Breeding & Ethicality


First, I am reporting a correction to my recent Breeding & Ethicality Blog Post. Mainly, that one of two wolfhound maiden veteran bitches were bred.

An error happened when the gender of one of these two cases was realized to be that of a dog and not a bitch. The mistake occurred in the case of the reportedly eight-year 11-month-old hound. The inaccuracy transpired when I misinterpreted the hound’s gender due to its ambiguous registered name beginning with what appeared to be a pronoun having a typographical error. Of note, the Secretary of the IWCA whom I initially shared my discovery also had not detected my mistake until eleven days later when she notified me. I am sorry for the error.


Unsurprisingly, no action will be taken by the BOD regarding the other published Listed Breeder who did breed a maiden, veteran, nearly eight-year-old bitch. The Secretary believes it is plausible that this particular bitch may not quite have been eight-years-of-age at the time of whelping due to their estimation that it may take three to possibly six months for stud (male or female) records to be published. Initially describing such conduct as serious and a risk to the health of the bitch, the Secretary now has stated that the maiden bitch may have been 7.5 years to almost eight years of age (!) and although this still is past the range mentioned in the Standard of Behavior for Breeders, "Breed only those bitches that are in excellent health, generally between the ages of 24 months and 6 years", the IWCA BOD is tolerating such conduct on the pretense that the "Standard of Breeder Behavior provides a general age range and is not an absolute."  

The latter in italics and quotes are their words -- not mine. Is anyone reminded of the phrase copping out?

Twister Image.jpg

The BOD undermining their very own requisite document to avoid enforcement is not a new twist for many of us. I cannot help but be reminded of the old floor game "Twister -- The Game That Ties You Up in Knots" which required players to twist themselves into tight and uncomfortable positions while whirling the spinner. Seemingly, people are bending themselves into extreme postures to avoid fulfilling administerial duties with the result that now breeding a veteran, maiden Wolfhound bitch not quite eight years of age is considered passable! Despite the fact that according to the IWCA age qualifications, they reached Veteran status at six years of age and in Canada they did so at seven.

After some quick checking, it seems that once a litter is registered with the AKC, it takes approximately two months for the dog to appear in the AKC Stud records. However, again, the timeliness of the published information is wholly dependent on when the breeder submits the paperwork which, depending on the breed, could be between 4 to 12 weeks after a litter was whelped or many months later. In this case, a prospective puppy owner who previously owned an AKC registered wolfhound from this breeder informed me that a puppy or puppies were available from this specific breeding so it is logical to assume the breeders registered the litter as soon as possible in order to receive the individual certificates to sell the puppies as quickly as possible. Most likely there was only a brief amount of lag time between whelping and published records. Nonetheless, whether my estimation is correct, one person innocently asked why the BOD does not monitor the AKC Stud Book for incidents such as this? Ha! Ha!

By the way, it is interesting to note that The Kennel Club of England has breeding restrictions in place regarding the age limit for mating bitches. Their ceiling is eight years at the date of whelping. They, however, may grant opportunities for exceptions provided an application be made before the mating, if the proposed dam has previously whelped at least one other registered litter, and veterinary evidence of the dam's fitness accompanies the application.

More to come I am sure......